Quantitative analysis of the hottest trending restaurants

QuantFoodie shows trending restaurants in the 30 largest metropolitan areas in the US. Its purpose is to provide restaurant recommendations that are based on quantitative analysis of market trends rather than on unverified anecdotes, paid advertising, spurious reasoning, charlatanical "expert" opinions, or dubious rumors. The "quant" part of the name refers to the site's quantitative approach to reporting on trending restaurants.

Methodology: QuantFoodie tracks Google star ratings of restaurants and updates its database nightly. Star ratings are normalized to a 0-1 scale and transformed via a logit to obtain a "QuantFoodie score." Trending restaurants are those with the highest increases in QuantFoodie scores over a 1-month period. The logit transformation accounts for the fact that increases close to 5 stars are more difficult to obtain than increases around 3 stars. The goal of this method is to recommend restaurants whose customer ratings have had the most impressive increases over the last month. Unfortunately some precision is lost since Google rounds average ratings to the nearest tenth, which causes many ties. Ties are broken by the following criteria in order: number of new 5-star ratings, number of new reviews, current rating. Prices levels are translated from Google's 0-4 scale as follows: 0 and 1 are "low price," 2 is "medium price," and 3 and 4 are "high price."

This site is maintained by Bradford Tuckfield, a data scientist and recent PhD graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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